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Sep. 15th, 2013


I missed my 10 year anniversary of being on LJ by 11 days.

So 10 years and 11 days ago I started this here journal. I haven't kept up with it much these last year - but then neither has hardly anybody else I follow. I'm not going to delete it any time soon though. I like having it as a cathartic outlet every once in a while. And I like to to kid myself into thinking that a few of you are still lurking about.

Jul. 14th, 2013

No updates for three months. Some stuff has happened.

My play opened. It was awsesome.
My play closed. I was fast (but couldn't be helped).
I moved.
12th issue of Spássían came out (here - see?)
I took a 10 day playwrighting course outside civilization. It was awesome.
I finished unloading and cleaning the old apartment. It was exhausting.
I booked a trip to California for August. It was exciting.
I bought new glasses. It was necessary.
I cleared the general living area of my new apartment of boxes and invited my brother and his family over for dinner:


But wait - there's more

MOAR PICTURES!!!!1!!Collapse )

Apr. 16th, 2013

Good news friends. I don't have to move in with my dad - potentially ruining our relationship because we're both so dead set in our ways - since I just bought a new apartment today.

Here it is. The ad is still running although it'll probably be taken down soon. Aaaaaand it's gone. It's not furnished - houses in Iceland never are. I have to get a payment evaluation or credit score -or whatever you call it - first and that can take up to a month. So I'm looking at June 1st as moving day - or around that time.

So to sum up: A month ago I was living in my grandmother's old apartment in almost-downtown Reykjavík and now it's been sold, another place bought and soon I'll be living in a two bedroom apartment in the town of Kópavogur. It's not that far away. If the traffic is light it takes me about 5 minutes to drive there from my current location.

Mar. 19th, 2013

And I sold my apartment!

Yikes. Now I need to find a new place to live. Unless I shack up with my dad for a while. He's offered and I think he'd love to have me but I also think he's pretty set in his ways and we might end up driving each other crazy.

Eh - I have three months to make that decision. A lot can happen in three months.

Mar. 6th, 2013

Over the weekend I kind of randomly put my apartment up for sale. Almost by accident.

So this is the story:

Last Friday I got a call from a real estate agent who I'd contacted last year about getting an estimate on my place. She'd given me a (too low) price and that was that. I'd told her I wanted to do more work on the house before I put it up for sale - in order to boost the price a bit. Never heard from her again - even when I called to inquire about other apartments for sale. Now she was calling me with a buyer and asking if I was still thinking about selling. I said I didn't know. She named a price, said I didn't need to fix the windows and I told her I'd think about it over the weekend. On Saturday a woman knocked on my door and asked to see the apartment. She was ~another real estate agent and with her a client. Said she knew the place was for sale - my upstairs neighbor who's also selling her place had seen the ad online and told her about it - with the price the first agent had named. Since she'd been showing her client the upstairs apartment she figured he might want to take a look at this one as well.


Was basically my reply. Turns out the first agent had placed the ad and when I called her on it blamed the tech guy. The second agent said that excuse was bullshit. I figured I didn't want to deal with somebody so sloppy and told the new agent the commission was hers if she wanted it. She named a price 10% higher than the other one and already two people have come to look at it although it's barely on the market yet. No offers yet but that's fine since I'm in no hurry.

And here's my humble abode. Who wouldn't want to live there? I love it - I just need a bigger place!

Feb. 13th, 2013

This just happened:


Kiljan - the most influential cultural TV program in Icelandic media - finally deigned to interview us about the magazine. It only took two and a half years. You can take a look (it starts at 26:15 direct link) but it's all in Icelandic of course. I haven't watched it myself, just seen glimpses. I'd gotten used to hearing myself on the radio but this is a completely new experience. Maybe in a year or two. I'm in the blue scarf in case anyone's unfamiliar with my dazzling good looks.

Feb. 1st, 2013

I have a tumblr - did I say that already?

Here 'tis:

Jan. 20th, 2013

Myndir 245

Mom would've been 69 today. Dad showed up around noon to see if I wanted to come with him to the cemetery. I was still in pjs but dressed quickly and we lit a candle for mom's grave. There's a bit of wind so we had a tough time lighting it but we built a shield around it out of grass and soil and it was still going when we left.

Dec. 2nd, 2012

I'm an atheist - I don't believe in a higher power or an afterlife or ghosts or esp or fairies or anything of the sort.

So why do I believe in tarot?

It's not a fully fledged belief. I don't think what the cards say is gospel and take it all with a HUGE grain of salt.

Still... every time Auður and I get together with a couple of bottles of wine and several half-cocked theories about literature we end up laying down some cards. And proceed to treat the outcome very seriously. Last year this guy kept showing up in the cards - again and again:

Now it can have several meanings but they're rarely good. As a rule this is the card you least want in your future because it means that in all likelihood it will be an unhappy one. Looking back, 2012 wasn't a good year at all - for either of us (for very different reasons). So I was actually very relieved last night when this particular card failed to show up. Relieved because I now believe everything will be OK? I don't know. Maybe. It's strange to assign such power to an arbitrary process.

Nov. 29th, 2012

I realize it hasn't hit me yet.

Yesterday we went through all of mom's clothes. Everyone expected it to be this ordeal and although it was exhausting (the woman had a looooooot of clothes, it took me and my sister-in-law 6 hours to go through) it wasn't emotional in the slightest. Not for me at least. It's just clothes - fabric - there's no meaning attached to it.

Today I was sitting at a drive-thru and while I waited started thinking of Christmas and the tradition of putting wreaths on the graves of relatives. And it hit me that I would have to do this to my mom's grave soon and that single thought was more devastating than the whole funeral.

I know - and I constantly remember - that she's dead but the very idea that I no longer have a mother is completely foreign to me.

Don't worry. Most of the time I'm fine. I just get these random flashes of emotion where everything gets jumbled. It'll pass.

People who've been through this process have approached me and offered to listen but I don't know what I would even ask. I know this is normal and I know it'll take time. I also know I always miss her. Mostly I don't know which question to ask or if I need to hear some sort of an answer.

Writing about it helps.

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